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May 26 2017

Builders Mutual Announces Partnership with Little Giant Ladder Systems

Jodi Vedelli

Raleigh, N.C. – Builders Mutual is pleased to announce our partnership with Little Giant Ladder Systems. We recently entered into an agreement with Little Giant Ladder Systems to offer access to their products at specialized pricing through our website. This partnership allows Builders Mutual to provide yet another value-added benefit to our policyholders.

“We believe this partnership will be extremely beneficial to our policyholders,” states Bill Schaffner, Director of Risk Management at Builders Mutual. “As falls remain a significant cause of injury on job-sites, having access to quality ladder products that help get the job done efficiently and safely is extremely important.”

“Little Giant is attacking the inherent risks specific to ladders and is reducing ladder injuries and fatalities,” states Ryan Moss, CEO of Little Giant Ladder Systems and President of the American Ladder Institute. “Every day 2,000 people are injured while using a ladder; one hundred suffer a long-term or permanent disability, and one person will die. We have analyzed the five leading causes of ladder accidents and have engineered solutions that reduce injuries. As the industry’s leader in ladder safety and innovation, we are proud to partner with Builders Mutual in pursuit of our common goal to prevent injuries and save lives.”

Builders Mutual takes pride in the value-added services we provide to our policyholders and we continue to look for innovative ways to expand these offerings. Partnering with Little Giant Ladder Systems, Inc. provides a valuable resource to our policyholders that gives them access to unique products that will help them get the job done right.

About Little Giant Ladder Systems
Little Giant Ladder Systems, Inc. manufactures and distributes superior-quality climbing products worldwide. As the industry leader in ladder safety innovation, the company’s growing family of brands includes Little Giant Ladders®, Little Giant Xtreme™, Aerial Safety Cage™, SumoStance™, Select Step™, Lunar™ and Dark Horse™.

About Builders Mutual Insurance Company
Headquartered in North Carolina, Builders Mutual is one of the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast’s leading writers of commercial insurance for the construction industry. Since its inception, Builders Mutual has broadened its territory beyond North Carolina to include the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. The company provides coverage to more than 21,000 policyholders through more than 5,000 sales agents and employs nearly 300 staff at its Raleigh headquarters.

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