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Building Progress is a podcast from Builders Mutual hosted by Mike Gerber, SVP/COO, where we discuss trends and real-life events impacting construction job-sites today. Our roundtable conversations feature a variety of engaging industry experts, from contractors and vendors to our own risk management consultants. Check out these lively discussions on timely construction topics.

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Good Hires in Tough Times
Employment tips to combat the labor shortage.

Feb. 5, 2020

About 80% of construction firms can’t find the labor they need (ACG 2019). Combating the challenging labor shortage is our topic for this episode of Building Progress. Michele Hemric, an HR expert from Builder Mutual, along with Gary Embler from Niblock Homes, will be providing creative ideas for attracting–and keeping–good employees in this competitive job market.

"Creating a positive culture is key. Do your employees love coming to work, and do you love having them there?" – Michele Hemric

Put Your Guard Up—and Save Lives.
Guardrail safety on today’s construction job-site

Jan. 16, 2020

This episode of Building Progress focuses on an important yet overlooked safety practice: putting up guardrails. It takes just two minutes to install a guardrail, but the result can be the difference between life and death. Guests Andrew Hilliard, owner of SafetyMaker, and Sean Purcell, risk management technical manager with Builders Mutual, discuss why guardrail safety is so vital, and they address ways to empower construction workers to ensure their job-sites are safe for everyone.

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