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Builders Mutual provides insurance coverage exclusively to the construction industry. It’s not just our specialty—it’s all we do. Headquartered in North Carolina, our market includes the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast. We grew out of the North Carolina Home Builders Association and continue to maintain strong partnerships with many industry associations.


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The North Carolina Home Builders Self Insurers Fund grows out of the North Carolina Home Builders Association to provide affordable workers’ compensation coverage to its members.


Within a year, the fund collects premiums totaling $845,000.


Fund membership reaches 8,000 members, and eligible members receive a policyholder dividend distribution totaling $3 million.


The Self Insurers Fund officially becomes known as Builders Mutual Insurance Company.


Builders Mutual moves into comprehensive commercial coverage.


Builders University is chartered and becomes the only institution of its kind in the industry, providing training and certification to policyholders, agents, and employees.


Builders Mutual territory includes North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia, Florida, and the District of Columbia.


Builder Mutual provides coverage for more than 21,000 policyholders through a network of more than 4,000 sales agents.


Builders Mutual is endorsed by the North Carolina Home Builders Association. Policyholders in North Carolina must maintain an active membership with a local HBA.


The Job-Site Safety Institute (JSI) is a nonprofit organization founded by Builders Mutual that is dedicated to conducting safety research for residential and commercial job-sites. As the industry experts in construction insurance, Builders Mutual has a responsibility to support and lead the efforts of specialized industry research and education. Ultimately, the JSI will lead to fewer job-site injuries and the elimination of job-site fatalities.

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