COVID-19 Communications and Updates

We understand the growing concern surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19) across our communities, and our hearts go out to all those who've been impacted. To help keep you informed on the latest developments, we have compiled a list of recent service updates and related resources. This page will be updated as new information becomes available.

Support and Service Updates

  • Claims Handling | Our position on COVID-19

    Report work-related incidents involving COVID-19 through the normal claims reporting process. Our position on COVID-19 can be reviewed here.

  • Payments and Reporting

    We recognize that these are difficult times for the construction industry and many of our customers will experience issues with cash flow as projects slow or potentially come to a halt. If this situation has created financial strain for your business, we encourage you to talk to your agent or to a representative in our Customer Contact Center. We have also provided the information below to help you with options:

    • If you find yourself unable to pay your bill by the due date, please contact your agent to discuss your financial situation or call our Customer Contact Center at (800) 809-4859 between the hours of 8am and 6pm ET, Monday to Friday. Our customer service representatives are available to assist you.
    • If you typically mail a check for payment, we encourage you to consider the following alternative options:
      • Call our Express Payment line at (800) 809-4859, option 2 to make a payment by check or credit card over the phone
      • Login to Builders Online Business and pay online.
        Builders Online Business is our policyholder portal that allows you to view your policy documents, pay bills, and report monthly payroll online. Simply create a userid and password with your policy number and business address to login and to get started.
    • If you are on the MSR pay plan and do not have payroll for the Payroll Range and Site indicated on your monthly report, check the box labeled “Check if NO PAYROLL.” to complete the report and maintain an active policy.
  • Payroll Changes
    If you believe your annual payroll will be substantially less than the initial estimate, we will re-estimate the annualized premium based on the updated yearly payroll estimate. A revised payroll estimate will reduce future monthly installment bills. Please talk to your agent and they will submit a request. 
  • Premium Audit

    In-person physical audit appointments have been suspended. Any scheduled in-person physical audit appointments will be converted to remote audit appointments. The remote audit process will follow these steps:

    • The auditor will call to schedule a remote audit and will send a follow-up appointment letter.
    • Once the audit is complete, the auditor will review documents and call you with any questions.

    For questions regarding your audit, please contact Premium Audit: premiumaudit@bmico.com.

  • Risk Management

    All risk management training classes have been temporarily suspended. Please reach out to Sean Purcell, risk management technical manager, spurcell@bmico.com, with any questions. In the interim, the following resources are available for a variety of training options:

    We will continue to provide risk management surveys. This process has been revised to ensure that you are comfortable with risk management staff visiting your job-sites and we will ask in advance when setting up survey appointments. For comprehensive surveys, usually done in a client’s office, all information gathering will be completed by phone with a mandatory job-site visit to follow. If you would prefer to have an in-person meeting, it will be held in an open environment. 

800-809-4859 Call us for more information